Return and Cancellations

If there is a delay in collection due to traffic or weather conditions no reimbursement will be due for delays and stress. However, if after a complaint has been lodged and it turns out that it was a fault of Barries Cars (Trading As), we will endeavor to make good at a maximum of a full refund of the leg of the journey on dispute depending on the circumstances. In no circumstances must a refusal of payment be made with the driver or arranged discount be made with the driver. Under no circumstances Barries Cars(trading as) pay for any third party or make donation to any customer who has paid a third party to transport them supplementary to our services, subject to a dispute. Any dispute must be made by email

Any further arrangements made for regular installments or agreements with third parties to pay for services with Barries Cars (trading as) can be cancelled or re arranged via emailing

There may be an occasion where customers may be asked if they would share a car due to the unfortunate delay of another of our cars which is caused by weather conditions, road conditions, mechanical breakdown or staffing. If this has been a request of Barries Cars (trading as) even at short notice (no time limit) to facilitate the guarantee of transport to your destination, Barries Cars have no obligation to alter the fare or offer compensation. If this has been refused by the customer then no guarantee can be offered for the transport under Barries Cars (Trading As) warranties guarantee. This however must be considered a last resort under extra special circumstances.